The Gist

Get a group of wonderful people together who love to run and have an amazing backcountry mountain running experience. The trip would consist of a helicopter ride ($185) from the Mt Shark Trailhead (approx 1 hour from Canmore or 2hrs from Calgary) to the Naiset Huts. These huts are located in the Alpine around Lake Magog. The huts are basic with a separate communal cooking and eating hut (has running water) and 3 outdoor pit toilets. The cooking hut is equipped with propane heat and stoves. We would be required to bring all food. We would chip in and Chef Elaine has volunteered to prepare the food. During the days we would run-spore the surrounding mountains and alpine lakes. At night we will sit around and share great food and great company. We are proposing that we run down from the mountain back to the Mt Shark Trailhead (Apron 43Km) and helicopter any non essential gear for the run down ( $3 per pound). Anyone not wishing to run down can heli back down ($185) The stay would be for three nights. The Dates for the hut stay are Aug 2,3,4th. All participants must arrive the day before (Thurs) and make their way to Canmore. We will all stay together for 1 night in Canmore the day before (1st) and one night in either Canmore or Banff following the hut stay (5th) to fly home on the 6th. The helicopter departs early the morning of the 2nd. We all have to check in the night before at the helipad with all of our gear to be weighed.

Showers, Sauna and a daily tea is available at the Main lodge for a small fee.

Contact Nick Whitbread if you want to be a part of this or have any questions. 807- 472 -1507 FB @maximus t hound

Location & Logistics

Assiniboine Lodge (Canmore Alberta).

All of us would make our way to Canmore to stay there together at a hotel Thursday night. We will all Heli up together, unpack and let the adventures begin. For those Running down on Sunday we would most likely start in the dark. We would all stay the night together in either Canmore or Banff to fly out Calgary back to Thunder Bay on the . Tired an exhausted from the running trip of a lifetime.

The link below is for a similar trip with lost of info.


Accommodation Naiset Huts $25 Per person, per night. 3 Nights $75 (plus GST) Total $85

Helicopter from Mt Shark Trailhead to Naiset Huts $210 baggage allowance 25lbs excess baggage $3/pound. The cost to help the gear you don’t wish to run down with is $3/pound. We would approximate sending down 20Lbs ($70) (if you don’t wish to run down there will be an additional $210)

Food / Wood (for a fire) 3 Dinners/lunch/breakfasts $100

Flights (approx $350 from Thunder Bay) paid by each individual organized so all are on the same flight.

Air BNB Stay (1 Night before, 1 After) $100

Total price for trip (running/hiking down EXCLUDING FLIGHTS) $565

Deposit required $295 ( Hut and Heli costs) add and additional $210 if you would prefer to helicopter down to the trailhead rather than run/hike. The cost to heli your excess gear down may be an additional cost to be paid at this time. The booking for the huts and Helicopter will be made on January 14th. Deposits will be required no later than December 20th.

Steve and Elaine Fairhust will be driving from Thunder Bay to Canmore and will have room in their truck for an additional 3 passengers. The cost of gas will be split between all passengers. This will be one way transportation only. The passengers will need to arrange their own transportation back to Thunder bay on the 6th of August.

Food and van transport prices are approximate. All prices include GST. Individuals are required to bring any electrolyte or running fuel they may require.

This is our first time organizing this trip so please bare with is if anything changes.