The Run Farm was created to help people. We want to teach people how to run efficiently and injury free. Once we learn the basics we have a lifetime to practice them. We want to help people re-imagine what they are capable of and help them become the best versions of themselves. That might mean beginning a walking or running program, or running their first ultra. The goal is not as important as the effort and commitment of beginning. We want to help you go beyond what you think you are capable of and make it fun.


I used to hate running. It wasn't like riding a bike, there was no coasting, it was just pure work. As an adult running for 30 minutes was a chore. I Began running at age 30 in 2012 so that I could run with some colleagues on a business trip. I was then introduced to a heart rate monitor watch and was given the opportunity to participate in a 125KM relay race in the mountains of Alberta. Not wanting to let the team down I began training. I began my first 25K race never having run further than 16Km in my life. I survived the race and after completing  the relay race I fell in love with the sport of trail running. Since then I have run in trail races varying in distance from 25 Kilometres  to 210 Miles. I have also co-founded a trail running event company called UpRiver Running.

Race History

2012   Spring Superior Trail Race 25KM (52nd)

2012 The North Face Canadian Death Race Team Event Leg 2 - 27KM

2013 Spring Superior Trail Race 25KM (24th)

2013 Fall Superior Trail Race 50 Miler (38th)

2014 Spring Superior Trail Race 25KM (13th)

2014 Voyager 50 Miler (43rd)

2014 Fall Superior Trail Race 100 Miler (39th)

2014 North Face Endurance Challenge (171st)

2015 Spring Superior Trail Race 25KM (19th)

2015 Canadian Death Race Solo 125KM (25th)

2015 Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run (78th)

2016 Spring Superior Trail Race 25KM (12th)

2016 Tahoe Rim Trail 100 Mile Trail Race (64th)

2016 Fat Dog 120 Mile Trail Race (24th)

2017 Spring Superior Trail Race 25KM (13th)

2017 Bigfoot 200 Mile Endurance run (16th)

2017 Rock Steady Running Fall Superior Trail Race 100 Miles - My first DNF

2018 Spring Superior Trail Race 25KM (16th)

2018 Last Runner Standing (Winner 91.8 Miles)

2018 Tahoe 200 Mile Endurance Run (12th)



Nick Whitbread, Founder, Instructor



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